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    Our relationship begins with education.  Since most business owners (sellers) or investors (buyers) are busy running their business and are not constantly in the national marketplace, they have limited knowledge of the transaction process or the overall current market conditions.  Our experienced staff and contacts fills this void.  Selling or buying without our help takes time away from running your business or other personal interests.  Additionally, your confidentiality can be quickly compromised which may cause unanticipated problems.  Our focused approach yields results with more confidentiality.

    We are a nationally known firm (not a franchise) located in Buffalo, NY.  For over 20 years we have been in contact with thousands of prescreened buyers and sellers from all parts of the United States and Canada who have provided us with very specific criteria regarding the type of companies they are interested in.  Our professional memberships, extensive propriety data bases, excellent relationships with other business intermediaries, and years of travel increase the probability of success in matching the ideal buyer and seller to bring about a customized transaction.  We do not perform inefficient mass mailings or "shot gun" approaches in hope that something sticks.  Our research staff uses an internally designed custom computerized system which helps us focus with matching buyers and sellers.

    We hope that you find the content to be rich, educational, and useful to your personal situation. 

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