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 Buying a Business

    We are experienced in taking care of all types of buyers.  Buyers come in three categories:

  1. Experienced in doing transactions and constantly looking for investments to add to existing entities,

  2.  Passive investors, or

  3.  Inexperienced buyers who are basically buying a job.

    Like selling a business, purchasing one is a very unique process and very different than buying real estate.  Unlike the real estate sales process, there is no central multiple listing of buyers or sellers.  Another major difference from the real estate process is the diverse complexities and uniqueness from company to company which needs to be taken into consideration.  Depending on which category you fit into, we see our job as a broker to educate the buyer on current market conditions, write buyer profiles that the seller would find attractive, locate real sellers, monitor and smooth the transactionís progress, and sometimes just simply provide a sounding board to bounce your confidential thoughts off of.

    Experienced buyers, especially in the larger deals, do not need as much guidance since their professional teams, which include attorneys, accountants, bankers, due diligence teams, etc., are always lined up and ready to go.  In the smaller deals buyers normally do not have their teams together which can slow the process down and more consulting is necessary.  It is important for the occasional or first time buyer to have their team in place even before the transaction process starts because when a deal loses momentum the probability of closing goes down.  The seller could find another buyer or just simply lose interest in selling. 

    The buying process can take from 90 days to several years to complete.  It has been our experience that in most transactions price and terms are only part of the sticking points.  Chemistry between the buyer and seller is key to get the deal over the finish line.  Early on in the process the buyer must gain the sellerís confidence that the buyer can close a deal and is capable of running the sellerís company.  The buyer must treat the seller and his business with the utmost respect.  Our firm realizes this and smoothes out the rough edges during the buyer/seller relationship.

    Give us a call to discuss your investment criteria.  We then proceed by placing you and your investment criteria in our computerized data base so that when a company which meets your specific parameters becomes available we can contact you.  We may even contact you with companies that are not on the open market.  Often times we are told by company owners that their company is not for sale, however the owner then tells us they are willing to talk to one or two possible acquirers.  At this point we can give you a call and the sale process begins.

    Confidentiality is key in our business.  Call us so we may help you grow.  Our conversation will not be discussed with anyone. 

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