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    Valuation of a closely held business is an art not a science.  Specific industries have "rules of thumb" or standard multiples, but these are just guidelines.  Since every company is unique with their own profitability trends, debt leverage, personnel, size, etc., no set formula can be used.  The specific attributes of your company has a greater impact on value.  We identify these "value drivers" and advise you on adjustments which can enhance value in the open market place. 

   The definition of "Fair Market Value" depends on its context.  For example, Fair Market Value means different things in the tax regulations, state laws, buy/sell agreements, or a sale in the open market.  We know the difference and can provide a value for the specific situation.

    This year marks our 15th year performing business valuation services.  Our valuations and methods have been successfully tested in the courts.  We have also attended numerous seminars around the country and published articles.  Because of our expertise, we have been asked and have spoken to various professional groups on this topic. 

     When the situation necessitates an expert business valuation call us.   

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